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Long Term & Specialty Care facilities

Our pharmacy partners with a variety of long-term care facilities to provide the best care in Utah. We rely on our homes’ nurses to care for their patients, and they rely upon our pharmacy to provide them the support and medications they need to provide incredible care every day.

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Specialty Packaging

For optimal medication adherence.

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Pharmacy Consulting

Talk to us. We have on-call pharmacists.

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Find how much more we make the best care possible.

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Welcome to Liberty Drug LLC

An independent and family-owned pharmacy proud to be the source for all your pharmaceutical care and needs. We dispense medications that we make affordable and convenient for our nursing facilities, assisted living communities, intermediate care facilities, and other similar institutions along the Intermountain West. We specialize in offering a wide range of pharmacy services.

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Our Commitment

Mission & Vision Statement

To make a positive difference in lives we touch each and every day! 

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